"I highly recommend Sharon MacDermid, she has helped to improve my daughter's understanding of music and how to apply it in her lessons.  My daughter has been with Sharon for over two years and has improved dramatically since then.  I would highly recommend Sharon MacDermid to anyone who wants a friendly and smart approach to piano.  I am looking forward to upcoming years with Sharon." 
 >>Christie Hurd


"I didn't want to put my daughter Darby in piano lessons; her life was already overbooked and she could play by ear quite well, so I felt lessons were not a high priority.  Boy, was I wrong. I finally, gave in and I'm so glad that I did!   Ms. MacDermid is wonderful!  I didn't realize all that piano lessons encompassed!  Darby is learning to read music, write music, understand what the music is about and so much more!   She can't get enough and she has only had 4 months of lessons!  Thank you to Ms. MacDermid for making my daughter's love of music grow with each lesson. Busy or not, piano will always fit in ! "
 >>Kay and Darby Throndsen 


"I have watched my two daughters blossom under Sharon's instruction.  They both can sight read now and compose their own music.  They have learned so much from her!  She is innovative and makes learning fun for them.  She also has high expectations which helps them focus on learning.  I highly recommend Sharon!"  >>Jennifer Brice

Sharon's passion for music and love for teaching are a breath of fresh air! We started taking lessons from her six years ago, beginning with just our eldest. We now have 5 children taking lessons from her, soon to be six! The foundation she provides in music theory, combined with training in improvisation and composition has given our children a solid platform to launch their own musical expression. Music lessons from Sharon extend beyond your run-of-the-mill scales and piece memorization. The Language of Music has come alive under her patient hand. You won't be disappointed!  
My daughter started piano lessons with Sharon in 2009 and since that time has grown significantly - not just in her technique, but in her love and appreciation of music in general.  The Pace Method is a perfect fit for her, in fact she loves to compose original pieces so much that she is considering pursuing it as a career. It takes a special teacher to be able to impart wisdom in an accessible, fun, and challenging way. We get that - and much more - from Sharon. 
>> Kathleen Buchanan

I have been taking lessons with the Pace Method for five years and greatly appreciate the depth of learning I receive. I took lessons for one year prior to the Pace Method under a simpler method, and I only really started learning once I switched to Pace. I love that the method gives me the opportunity to compose, improvise, create variations, and think on my toes. I would love to pursue composition as a career, and Sharon is always encouraging and enthusiastic whenever I present a new piece of mine. She has me play pieces that fit who I am, and pieces to make me a stronger pianist. I am so grateful for all Sharon has taught me.
>> Palina Buchanan

We have thoroughly enjoyed piano lessons with Sharon MacDermid.  She has been so patient and really crafted the lessons to meet my daughters learning style and goals in piano.  It is obvious that Sharon takes time to prepare and make each lesson count.  I also love that she has incentives for students to practice and gives her students attainable goals each year.  My daughter has loved taking lessons!  We are looking forward to another year.  
>>Tammi Gerchow