Teaching Approach


A Fascinating , Unique Approach

that is not your grandmother's piano lessons as it incorporates teaching techniques unknown to the music world decades ago. When these techniques are supported by faithful practice, remarkable progress is the inevitable outcome. The Instruction includes:

  • How to Read/Play Written Music
  • How to Create/Write Music
  • Technique
  • Theory
  • Improvisation
  • Musical Analysis
  • Transposition
  • Performance
  • Ensembles
  • Peer Learning                                                    

This foundation will provide the skills to independently enjoy a lifetime of learning, creating and making music. (see www.leerobertsmusic.com)


A Creative/Multi-Key Approach  that encourages students to enjoy creating their own music through improvising, making variations, and composing original pieces. Learning to transpose and play in all keys becomes easy and is a valuable and useful musical skill.www.leerobertsmusic.com

Spiral/Sequential Learning makes it easy to understand, remember and apply new concepts


Repertoire  includes pieces that are interesting and fun to play in a wide variety of musical styles they are never boring !!  Students learn to play 'artistically' so the music 'comes alive' and says 'something interesting.'


Private and Group Lessons  are both included in the students instruction as they each provide different benefits. Private lessons give Individual Attention while Group Lessons encourage Peer Learning and Interaction, Ensemble Playing, Performance Practice, and Music Theory through Games and other Musical Activities. Students develop friendships in the piano studio, which increases their motivation and interest .


If you or your child has a dream to play the piano, now is the time to live it!! You are not too young AND it is never too late to begin this musical journey.  You will receive Inspiration, Confidence, and  Exceptional Instruction.  What an exciting New Adventure!!

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