Meet The Instructor

From early childhood I have always loved music. At the age of three I remember taking the bus from our home in Lake Samamish to visit Seattle, singing all the way!  Apparently in those days people didn't mind that type of  "entertainment" on the bus. 

Beginning piano lessons at the age of six I will never forget that First Red John Thompson Book!!  The pieces were always taught exactly as they were written.   Playing "variations" and "improvising" were NOT allowed!!  However, when practicing at home it was so fun changing the notes to play it 'my way' !!  

At a young age, one Sunday during church I looked up at the organ and thought about how much I would love to play it.  My father took me to get a closer look and I was awestruck!!  At the age of thirteen my lessons switched from piano to organ with a new teacher, Winston Johnson, Professor at Seattle Pacific College (University).  That same year I played for my first church service substituting for their vacationing organist.  The service was broadcast on the was a scary experience!

As a teenager I played and sang many places including school, church, and Youth for Christ.  In college my major was Piano, Pipe Organ and Music Education.  During those years I traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe participating in concerts and high school assemblies.  After college I continued as a church Organist, Pianist, and Director of Music.

When introduced to the Robert Pace approach to Piano Instruction (Columbia University), I was amazed to discover the Pace Approach taught students what I learned in college and much more!  How exciting to find an approach that prepared students in all areas of musicianship but was much more fun and easier to learn. The training totally revolutionized my teaching! I had extensive study and certification in piano pedagogy and have been teaching that amazing approach for many years. It has been extremely successful with all my students.

Creativity has always been an important part of my teaching. Discovering Pattern/Chord Play by Forrest and Akiko Kenny and studying with them has equipped me with the tools to effectively teach improvisation and arranging.  Beginning at the very first lesson my students are amazed to discover they can play music that is uniquely their own. They have so much fun exploring many different styles of music through improvising, and later, composing and arranging pieces they already know and love. 

Encouraging and Inspiring my students to excel in their musical choices and giftings is very important to me.  I strive to create excitement and curiosity to explore music by including pieces that students love to play that suit their goals, abilities and age while building a strong musical foundation. My greatest joy is to equip students with the necessary tools, confidence and enthusiasm to independently learn, create and receive musical fulfillment that will last a lifetime. I love teaching piano. It is my passion.